10 Foods That Hydrate You Like Water


During summer and spring, we must consider drinking enough fluids or water so that our body does not suffer the consequences.

It is advisable to drink minimum 3.7 liters of water a day. But in reality, we should consume 2 little more! Since in a destination, our body absorbs water faster and we are prone to dehydration. That is why it is important to eat, in addition to your 3.7 liters of water, foods that contain liquids that help us recover what we lose.

Cucumber (96.7%)

It is one of the vegetables with the highest water component. You can consume it in drinks, it is very refreshing especially with this heat.

Celery (95.4%)

Celery has high fiber and water element. We recommend you consume it in salads and even as a snack.

Tomatoes (94.5%)

Tomato is one of the staple foods in the diet. You find it in practically everything: salads, meals, or as a sauce.

Green Peppers (94.5%.)

Of all the varieties of peppers, green is the one that contains the most water.

Cauliflower (92.1%)

Although its texture can be dry, cauliflower has more water than broccoli. And besides being a great moisturizer, it is also rich in vitamins and phytonutrients.

Watermelon (92%)

Rich in vitamin C, ideal for getting a moisturizing skin and good defenses in organisms. You can eat it on an empty stomach to increase the digestion process or as most of us like it; in a fresh water.

Green leafy vegetables (95%)

Especially spinach and lettuce are the ones that contain the most water, and are rich in vitamin A and C that are special for skin care. They have minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that help eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin.

Orange (88%)

Orange is rich in potassium, vitamin C, calcium, as well as folic acid and provides the necessary nutrients for the recovery of the skin.


Kiwi (83%)

The consumption of a kiwi provides a large amount of vitamin C and contains fiber, which is excellent for regulating cholesterol

Apple (86%)

Not only is it one of the favorite fruits, it also provides the fiber that the body needs.