• Basic First Aid for Fractures or Broken Bones

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    Before you consider carrying out first aid on the affected person, you must determine whether the bone is broken or fractured. When the bone cracks or breaks into several pieces it is regarded as a fracture. In most cases, fractures arise from sporting activities, violent traumas or accidents. Broken bones are not considered life-threatening. However, it requires immediate care. To recognize the symptoms of broken bones, you must first sign up for first aid treatment after which then seek professional help.

    It will take just a few minutes before a doctor identifies the problem. A simple conversation with an experienced fracture Cincinnati board-certified doctor is the surest way to remedy any bone fracture condition.

    Symptoms of Broken Bones

    Broken bones can result in several of the following signs and symptoms. First, intense pain in the injured area which only gets worse as you move. The affected area turns numb. You will then notice the formation of a bluish color underlying the swelling or deformity. In some cases, the bone might protrude through your skin, and it will not be a surprise if it is accompanied by heavy bleeding.

    First-aid Care for Broken Bones

    If you suspect that a broken bone is the issue, first-aid should be administered immediately.

    Stop unnecessary bleeding

    To stop the bleeding, raise and apply pressure onto the wound. Use a clean cloth or sterile bandage.

    Immobilize Injured Area

    If you suspect a broken bone in the back or neck, try to keep them still. If the fracture is in one of the limbs, immobilize the area too. You can use a sling or a splint.

    Cool the Area

    Slowly wrap a pack of ice or ice cubes into a cloth then gently apply it on the injured area. Do this for 10 minutes repeatedly.

    Test for Shock

    Keep the victim in a comfortable position, and ensure they are not stressed out by reassuring them. It would be advisable to keep them warm by covering them with a blanket or piece of clothing.

    Seek Professional Help

    The only way to achieve this is by calling 911 as this helps get them to the emergency department when seeking professional care.If the person is losing consciousness, seek medical help immediately or start the CPR process. If you suspect that their injury might have occurred in the back, head or neck, call 9q1. The same applies in the case where the bone pushes through the skin resulting in heavy bleeding.

    Alternatively, help the patients get to the emergency department via car or any other means for the doctor to have ample time to examine their condition and recommend the right treatment. If it happened to a family member or sibling, you might want to rearrange the furniture to make a clear path to each room. Sort out any clutter whether magazines, books or clothes that can trip you. Set up bright lighting which ensures the hallways and other entries are brightly lit preventing any unnecessary accidents. Such small adjustments will …

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