Hitch Bike Rack Buying Advice

Whether you are a distance cyclist, recreational rider, or an avid bike commuter, a hitch mounted bike rack can be a useful upgrade from the conventional bike racks. These types of racks do away with upper-body exercise that is required for the roof racks, not to mention the risk of forgetting it.

fixing hitch bike rackRacks help you skip the tedious straps of the mounted racks and the painful nightmare of stuffing the bike into your vehicle. Moreover, they are easier and cheaper to install as compared to traditional racks. With the best hitch mount bike rack, you can bring your bike anywhere you want. If you are looking for one, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options you have in the market. These are tips to help you make the right buying decision.

Type of Hitch Bike Rack

Platform Racks

These are the most common in the market. They are better in transporting your bikes as compared to hanging racks. That is because they are compatible with a wide range of bike styles and offer excellent stability. They have two attachment points that secure the front wheel and hold the rear wheel in its place. This effective and straightforward system makes it quite easy to unload and load your bike.

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks are quite popular to transport lightweight and road bikes without having to lift them onto the roof of the vehicle. Hanging racks are quite light and compact. The bikes are quite closer than the platform rack and are prone to swaying and getting in contact with another as you drive.

Bike Weight Capacity

hitch bike rackIf you are planning to haul heavier mountain bikes, fat bikes, e-bikes, or cruiser models, it is necessary to verify the weight capacity of the rack. Usually, the listing for each design will specify the carrying capability of each bike. Remember that this can vary from one bike to another. You can find hanging racks that are on the lower end if you are on a budget.

Tilting Feature

If you plan to keep your rack on the vehicle for the extended period or want to get access to the rear cargo area, you should get a hitch rack with the tilting feature. Most hitch-mounted bike racks have this feature. The tilting racks can be leaned by pulling a lever that moves the rack far enough. Usually, this feature is available on both platform and hanging-style racks.

When choosing hitch bike racks, you should focus on the ease of use and design of the rack. Also, you should look for other factors such as durability and cost.

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