How Can Meditation Change Your Life?

During Meditation

Meditation is not synonymous with stop thinking but look for time to reflect and value our present in depth.

When we talk about meditation we usually imagine a person sitting on the floor with immense peace and with a totally blank mind, and none of us escapes that, in our day to day and with the levels of stress to which we are exposed , achieving that immense peace sitting on the floor and with a blank mind is a rather complicated undertaking.

Personally I have not been able, until now, to perform a meditation in the purest Hindu style without finishing thinking about anything else or even putting on a washing machine (which time is pressing) and that is why, when I talk about meditation, I never mean to stop thinking, but rather I mean to analyze and assess as calmly as possible situations and attitudes that are not always calm.

Meditation as an internal personal process. I began to do written meditations about a year ago and little by little I understood that meditation can be like praying, for religious people, just as it can be like performing introspections for people worried about their mental health. It is, for me, a time when we must bring calm to be able to see ourselves in our environment from a higher level, as far from our reality.

Now, from my own experience, I know that observing ourselves from outside helps us find better solutions and faster than if we try to act tied to our emotions. So, by meditating, we can come to understand why we have been acting in certain ways throughout our lives, why we have made some decisions and not others (right or wrong), why we feel affected by a certain issue or why We are afraid of something, for example.

A guided, written meditation is generally composed of two parts, on the one hand there is a text that we must read slowly imagining every detail that is proposed to us and, on the other hand, we have a series of questions that we must answer in writing. In the first part it is about opening our interior and leaving it exposed to us , and in the second part it is about observing it and writing what we see.

The analysis of our interior helps us not only with cystic problems, but we get to know each other better and understand why we are the way we are and what we can do to feel better in all aspects of our lives.

And there are changes?

Many times, I have been asked if real changes are experienced as a result of this type of meditations or introspections and, although it is very personal and varies from one to another, I can say that yes, there are changes, and very beautiful.

The self – knowledge allows us to practice forgiveness without hesitation, we forgive ourselves and forgive others pure and free; and this causes us to free ourselves from certain bonds that could be delaying our path.

We also learn to control our emotions and reactions in the environment , so it may be easier for us to digest the stress and possible anger caused by the mere fact of living our reality. Traffic jams, irritating calls at work, people who don’t like us, etc., become realities outside of us that don’t affect us: they just happen and we go through them learning, thanking, and nothing else. It seems too hippie to be real, but it is.

On the other hand, the acceptance reaches us to stay and join the rest of our lives. People tend to hurt us constantly fighting with reality, accepting things as they are given prevents us from wasting time uselessly. I always say that accepting does not imply not acting , accepting implies assuming reality and investing our time better in order to change it, if we don’t like it.

Meditation changes people, I consider it the logical process that continues to know each other better, develop our emotional intelligence and accept reality as part of us, that is, how will you not change if everything around you has suddenly changed ? I don’t know about “I’m not the same person”, it’s more about “I don’t see anything the same way I did it before”. Suddenly your life changes even if nothing has changed, your work is the same, you eat the same things, your partner and / or your children, if you have them, they are the same and, however, nothing is the same.

Meditation helps us understand who we are and what we do in this life, sometimes it also helps us find new motivations or reasons why we should change. Sometimes the reality is that you don’t have to change anything, just accept what it is, thank and move on.

Out topical

Meditation is not only for Buddhists or Hindus, meditation can be for everyone who has ten minutes and a cup of tea; it can be done by looking out the window, in a park or writing in a notebook; The one who has problems and the one who does not have them should do it, and definitely, the one who has less time for himself should do it more.

Meditation, as well as yoga and perhaps because they go hand in hand, change people’s lives, we should only have the desire to understand and see our reality in another way.