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  • Different Ways Music Can Benefit Your Heart, Brain, and Health

    Nearly every person loves music. For most people, music is a huge part of our lives. It does not matter whether it is the music you are listening to; it can elevate our moods or even bring us down. The truth is that music has touched all cultures around the world since the start of time. With this, you can understand why are they booing bruce springsteen whenever the band performs. Do you know that music can our health in a wide range of ways?

    Improves Verbal and Visual Skills

    Recent studies show that music education at an early age will stimulate a child’s brain in different ways. This is because it helps improve communication, verbal skills, and visual skills.

    Research done on young children included training in pitch, rhythm, voice, and melody revealed that music helps children to understand words and even explain their meaning.

    Keeps Your Brain Healthy

    Recent studies show that having musical training and listening to or playing music can keep you healthy as it gets old. Ideally, listening to music is the same as exercising the brain. Therefore, you should expect a wide range of benefits that include mental sharpness and better memory.

    Even if you have some brain damage, you can easily regain your memory by listening to music. This is because listening to music can help draw on neurological patterns and memories because the sounds and rhythm of music stay within the core.

    Music Makes You Happier

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    You should note that music has the power to do a lot. It can make you feel excited, sad, and even pumped up. It is a good idea to listen to music that hits you in a good way to make the brain release a hormone known as dopamine. This chemical will make you feel good. Some of the emotions it causes include joy, happiness, and excitement. Fortunately, when we listen to music, we get the same burst of happiness that we can get from eating chocolate, certain drugs, or sex.

    Heartbeat and Blood Pressure

    The truth is that music strengthens the heart and even improves the recovery time of patients who are suffering from heart disease. No matter the genre of music, when you listen to your favorite songs, the brain releases endorphins in the brain to help vascular health. It has been discovered that both men and women who listen to music after cardiac surgery become less anxious and are reported to experience less pain.…

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